About Kinan Art Week

Kinan Art Week is an art event and project set in the Kinan area of Wakayama prefecture / Muro-gun.
Mr. Daisuke Miyatsu will be the artistic director of the exhibition, which will be held in various locations around Kinan of Wakayama Prefecture. We hope you will enjoy the various exchanges and encounters between local phenomena and global contemporary artists here in Kinan area. At the same time, there will be a symposium on Kinan and contemporary art, joint workshops with educational institutions and museums, and sessions with people from various industries in Kinan area.


'Komoru (Seclusion) : Muro' = 'Hiraku (Openness): Kinan'?
Is this above equation correct? Although 'Kinan' and 'Muro' are almost synonymous with each other, aren't the concepts of 'Seclusion' and 'Openness' actually inseparable?

“We don't have to aim at 'global' forcibly and easily. It should be secluded, but not before it is opened, rather it should be secluded.”

By secluding and re-evaluating the unique history and culture of the region, we will be able to connect with the global world for the first time. This is the idea behind our logo.

Project 1


KINAN ART WEEKCuration Story

In order for you to deeply and interestingly appreciate the exhibition of Kinan Art Week 2021, we would like to introduce you to the records and secret stories of our activities for Kinan Art Week. Based on the theme of this event, "Culture of Seculusion" and "Culture of Ports", we will introduce the history of the exhibition sites, the stories and the thoughts of the producer and curator. We will also introduce the background to the selection of the artists, the dialogue and their interviews in Kinan Art Week.

Project 2

Seclusion with Kinan

Kinan Chemistry Session

We provide place to rediscover the history and culture of Kinan from deep and diverse perspectives. In order to enhance the regional nature, we try to create "chemical reaction" through talks and sessions by experts from a wide range of fields. Through the sessions, we hope to provide hints for viewing the exhibition and new knowledge to deepen the content of Kinan.

Project 3

Dialogue with Kinan

Disseminating the value of Kinan to the world.- Kinan people and heritage of future -

In the Kinan region, there are world-famous heritage sites such as the World Heritage Kumano Kodo and the World Agricultural Heritage Minabe and Tanabe Plum System. We try to think how we can create the future of the Kinan based on this wonderful natural and cultural heritage, in a dialogue with a diverse range of Kinan people from Kinan to the world.

To accompany your visit to the Kinan Art Week, we have compiled a list of the most attractive art-related facilities and cafes in the Kinan area. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Kinan area.