[ 2022 ]

『KAWAKYU ART Exhibition 2022 – A dream that exists-』

2022.6.1 (Wed) – 30 (Thu) @ Kawakyu Museum (Shirahama, Wakayama)
Kawakyu Museum’s first artist-in-residence exhibition. During the KINAN ART WEEK, a beta version of the VR artwork that is part of the 2022 program “Mikan Collective” will be presented as a special exhibition, along with a sound installation by AWAYA, a sound artist from Kinan.

Film Screening & Talk Event
” Apichatpong in Kumano “

2022.6.5 (Sun), 12 (Sun) @ TANAMI Theatre (Tanami, Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama Pref.)
At TANAMI Theatre, the southernmost theatre in Honshu, two films of world-renowned filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul and a talk event with an expert on Apichatpong will be Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s films and a talk event with Apichatpong experts will be held over two weeks.

” < I > opprtunity “

2022.4.15 (Fri) – 17 (Sun), 22 (Fri) – 24 (Sun) @ Pearl Building (Shirahama, Wakayama)
At the Shinju Building in Shirahama, which was one of the exhibition venues of KINAN ART WEEK 2021, we exhibited new works by contemporary artist Ai Kawano, who also exhibited at the Pearl Building in 2021. During the exhibition, we held an artist talk and a dialogue with local residents, discussing the history and charm of the “Sanbashi” area where the artwork was set.

[ 2021 ]

International Art Festival
“KINAN ART WEEK 2021 – Muro, soulfully inward , Kinan, open to the world – ”

2021.11.18 (Thu) – 11.28 (Sun) @ Tanabe City/Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture
The first international art festival in the Kinan region of Wakayama Prefecture, “KINAN ART WEEK 2021 – Muro, soulfully inward , Kinan, open to the world – ” will be held from November 18 (Thu) to November 28 (Sun), 2021.
With Daisuke Miyatsu as artistic director, the exhibition will feature 18 works by 15 groups of contemporary artists who are active globally in various places and facilities in the Kinan region of Wakayama Prefecture.
The exhibition also included talk sessions on culture and local resources as well as art in Kinan, various workshops and events, and discussions with people working in various industries.