• Yabumoto Yuto

    Kinan Art Week Executive Committee Chairman / General Producer

    Yabumoto Yuto

    Born in Shirahama City, Wakayama Prefecture
    Co-founder of One Asia Lawyers, President of AURA Contemporary Art Foundation, President of Artport Co.

    Yabumoto’s ancestors are buried in Nakaheji, Kumano Kodo, and his mother was the first female orca trainer at Adventure World. He founded JBL Mekong Group, the predecessor of One Asia Lawyers, in 2011, and he has lived and worked in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand for more than a decade, providing grants and exhibitions to artists, curators and art collectives across the region. His current research focuses on anthropology and art, with an interest in the myths, legends, fables and folklore of the Asia Pacific region. His research focuses on the Kumano region, where her ancestors lie, and on issues such as Zomia, highland civilisation and animism.

    His major exhibitions include “Zomi: Trans-immigrants on the Water -Contemporary Art from the Mekong Region-” (Osaka), “Silence is Golden” (Myanmar) and “Abstraction of Breathing” (Myanmar).

  • Miyatsu Daisuke

    Kinan Art Week Artistic Director

    Miyatsu Daisuke

    Born in Tokyo in 1963. Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, the Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration, and he also completed studies at the graduate school of Art and Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design, graduating with a master’s degree. Daisuke Miyatsu is currently engaged in important posts such as the President of Yokohama University of Art and Design and the Director of Mori Arts Museum. He researches the relationship between art, the economy, and society and is also known as a world-renowned collector of contemporary art.

    While working for a private company, he collected more than 400 pieces of artwork, and his home, which he built in collaboration with artists, is world-renowned. He has a deep knowledge of the restoration and preservation of artwork.

    Mr. Miyatsu has served as a member of the “Council for the Study of Overseas Dissemination of Contemporary Art” – part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the “Haneda Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Promotion Task Force”. He also acted as a member of the jury for the “Asian Art Award 2017”, and the “Art Future Prize 2019”. He is active in the media, appearing on TV’s “Close-Up Gendai+” and “NHK News- Good Morning Japan” and has not only given numerous lectures in Japan, but also in other Asian countries. His major books include “How Covid -19 Changes Art” and “The Age of Art × Technology”.

  • Morishige Ryota

    Kinan Art Week Vice Chairman / Kinan Promotion Producer

    Morishige Ryota

    Nanki Shirahama Airport, which was the prefectural airport of Wakayama Prefecture, has been privatized since April 2019. It is our desire that as the air gateway to the Kinan region in southern Wakayama Prefecture, the airport will not only serve as an air transportation hub for people to come and go, but also as a place to connect the world (global) with the region (local) and create new exchanges and relationships, including the nature, culture, and history of Kinan, by taking advantage of its airport characteristics.

    Through this Kinan Art Week, we hope to contribute to enriching the spirit and revitalizing the region by redefining Kinan, which has a rich culture and history that is said to be the origin of nature worship in Japan.

    After gaining experience at a major electronics manufacturer, Ryota Morishige was involved in numerous airport privatization and regional revitalization projects across Japan from both the public and private sectors at IGPI. Currently, as the General Manager of Nanki-Shirahama Airport’s Regional Revitalization Office, he is in charge of attracting airlines, regional cooperation, and landing-based travel business for airport-based regional development. From the perspective of both tourism and business, he is working to create a framework for attracting inbound travelers, promoting workation stays (work vacations), and attracting IoT companies, and to revitalize the region by expanding the local acceptance system, promoting advanced demonstration experiments, and human resources development.

  • Sugi Mariko

    Kinan Art Week Vice Chairman

    Sugi Mariko

    Born in Osaka, After working as a sales instructor for a major life insurance company and an overseas travel agency, she created a number of government policy-based demonstration experiment projects as a pubic affairs officer for NTT Docomo, a major Japanese telecommunications company. After her unique career, she became a Business Development Executive at IBM Japan, where she experienced projects that connected the public and private sectors. She was absolutely fascinated by the power of mysterious places, and the pure and energetic people in the Wakayama/Kinan areas, and is attempting to build a business model that can allow the region to continue as it is.

    Sugi Mariko is a part-time Lecturer at Bunkyo University, a Senior Researcher at the Bird’s-eye View Engineering Research Institute, and is a member of the Japan Business Model Association.

  • Kimura Kodai

    Kinan Art Week Auditor

    Kimura Kodai

    Attorney admitted in Japan and New York (Partner at Kobayashi & Yugeta Law Office)and Washington DC. Mr. Kimura advises artists, art galleries, art related start-ups, curators, art consultants, collectors, public art consulting firms and various companies involved in art projects, and has contributed articles to reputable media such as Bijutsutecho and Forbes JAPAN. He received a Certificate in Art Business from Christie’s Education, New York, and a Diploma in Art Law from Institute of Art and Law, UK.

  • Shimoda Manabu

    Kinan Art Week Secretary General

    Shimoda Manabu

    Representative of Coamu Creative (Event Director, Cameraman, Distribution Operator)

    Born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture and currently lives in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture.

    After graduating from a photography school, in his twenties, he worked as a musician. After working for an events company and an agricultural (agricultural diversification) company, he became independent and moved to Tanabe. He was also involved in the utilization of vacant houses and the planning of public facilities as a Tanabe City Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team for three years, which started in March 2018. His mission is to be a “companion partner in the realization of ideas”, and he works with a group of wonderful creators in the region, listening deeply to the client’s story and weaving their ideas together.

    As a director, he has been involved in major events such as “Lohas Festa”, “Ramen EXPO”, “GREENROOM FESTIVAL” and “SUMMER SONIC”.

  • Asia Regional administrative office (Bangkok, Thailand)

    Masuda Yuki

  • American Regional administrative office (Los Angeles, USA)

    Fukuda Chie

  • European Regional administrative office (London, England)

    Manabe Norito


  • 加藤 杏奈


    ROCA is a design office based in Kyoto, consist of different specialized members.
    We work on many types of design areas such as Space design, Products, Fashion, Graphics, and WEB.
    Regardless of the genre, we ask the values of existing things and create new values.
    The name ROCA comes from Japanese filtration.