Goi Cuon Workshop -Exercises to “Not Get Caught Up in the Pricks”-

Sunday August 20th from 12~3PM


1385−1 Katata Shirahama-cho Nishimuro-gun Wakayama, Japan


Participation fee800 yen


Reservation required


Fresh spring rolls that are familiar in Asian cuisine called Goi Cuon in Vietnam.

It is a dish that originated in Vietnam and is eaten by wrapping various ingredients around a thin skin called rice paper.

On the other hand, in Japan, “to be wrapped up in something long” means “to follow a strong power or force.”
Considering the concept of anarcho = anarchism and matsuro nu = disobedience, which are the themes of the current anarcho-animism exhibition, I think it is very important not to be caught up in something long.

That’s why we are holding a workshop where you can experience how to roll and not roll fresh spring rolls.

The rule is simple “use rice paper”
that’s all!

In addition to the standard ingredients for raw spring rolls, we will prepare ingredients that may be a little unexpected combination, as well as local ingredients, so we can all roll or not roll together, or maybe draw something?
You are also welcome to bring your own ingredients!

Bring whatever you want, make an original goikun while having a non-chronic (= leisurely chat), and think about a way of life that won’t get caught up in the long haul!

Date: Sunday, August 20, 2023
Time: Leisurely held from 12:00 to 15:00
Capacity: None
Participation fee: 800 yen

*Please bring what you want to roll (food ingredients, etc.)
*In order to prepare the ingredients, it would be helpful if you could apply for participation in advance.