[Archived Video] Talk Session “Why Do People Gather at the Sea?

    – Let’s ask Dr. Toshiaki Ishikura, art anthropologist and mythologist –
    “Why do we want to return to nature?”
    “Why do we gather at the sea?”
    “Why do we camp?”

    On a special stage at the site of the Shiogori Camp on Saturday, November 20, Shiogori Camp Executive Committee Chairperson Akira Fukuda, mythologist and cultural anthropologist Toshiaki Ishikura, and Kinan Art Week Executive Committee Chairperson Yabumoto, who has been conducting a series of interviews with fishermen in the Kinan area, gave a talk on the possibilities of anthropology and art from the perspective of the sea, fire, festivals, etc.

    *Due to a glitch in the distribution environment, we were unable to record the first few minutes of the video. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.。

    – What is Shiogori Camp? –

    SHIOGORI CAMP was launched with the concept of “a campground at the sea created by everyone.”
    This event is held at Ogigahama beach in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, which used to be a popular Shiogori site on the way to the mountains of Kumano Kodo, and is created with visitors, exhibitors, administrators, and local people who appear like a mirage.