Tachibana Mikan
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Tachibana Mikan

Let's paddle out. To the endless sea of oranges --"Mikan"--...!

In the land of Mikans in the Seto Inland Sea, I am a goddess of Mikans, -- has eaten Mikans, been nurtured by Mikans, and lived with Mikans.
The name "Tachibana", which has been handed down since ancient-time stories, and "Nagi", which means calm and windless, embody the warm sea, clear skies, and citrus fruits that grow like the sun.
Named after Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit, I am a citrus world leader who travels the seas of the Metaverse as a fruit pilot (Pomona Arancia).
I'm also the idol of the sweet and fresh Mikans, which flutters through the sky and sea like a single Mikan's flower blooming in this world.
As the leader of MIKANCOMPANY, a citrus public relations group, I am involved in citrus fruit education and promotion activities, including citrus public relations, nutrition education in VR, and even food and beverage promotion activities in virtual space.

I love Mikans. I LOVE Mikans. I LOVE THEM ALL. By the way, my favorite varieties of Mikans are Iyokan, Kanpei, and Jabara.
I also eat a lot of Arita-Mikans. Also eat by Wakayama-muki; How to eat Mikans.

Behind the Mikan-colored light in hers twin eyes, she is actually hiding a grand plan...!?

●Twitter : https://twitter.com/MikanTachivana
●YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/tachibanamikan
●Web : https://www.petamikan64.net/mikan/