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VR and Metaverse Guide. Organizer of the music festival "Kurage Beat" as a virtual singer.
She is also working on a project to connect both reality and VR with music producer Shingo Yasumoto and lyricist zopp.

She is an official Meta Quest ambassador, VIVE ambassador, and introduces various VR apps/VR culture.
She is involved in various official and experimental distributions such as "RAKUENSAI", "Virtual Society", and "METANAVI".
She is a virtual shopkeeper at Laforet Harajuku and has appeared on NHK/NTV, etc. She also likes mandarin oranges.

*Official website https://ocutanbot.wixsite.com/ocutan
*Twitter https://twitter.com/OculusTan
*YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/OcutanBotVRChannel