A story of the richness of the sea at the gateway to Kumano.

At the gateway to the Kumano Kodo, we are reminded of the story of the bountiful sea carried by the Kuroshio Current that stretches beyond Ogigahama and Egawa Port.

G Tanabe Station Street

Tanabe Station Street

The shopping street in front of Tanabe Station was also a ‘post town’ on the way to the World Heritage Sites, Tokei Shrine- which divided the fate of the Genpei war, and Kumano Kodo. Last year's landscape improvement project eliminated electricity poles and transformed the arcades into shades (small roofs). The image of the town has completely changed and at night, the arcade is a feast for the eyes with its indirect lighting.

  • G-1
    “Kabugwas” (2016) Tanabe Station Street
  • G-2
    Exhibition place / KUMANO TRAVEL
    “A Maldivian Tale” (2012) Tanabe Station Street
  • G-3
    Exhibition place / Ruins of Kisyuushincha
    “Pool” (2009) Tanabe Station Street