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Film Screening Blind Mr. Shiratori Goes to See Art & Le mani toccano il Mondo

10/14 (Sat), 15 (Sun)


〒649-2201 1385-1Katata Shirahama Wakayama, Japan

Participation fee1,000〜1,600 yen



How do blind people appreciate art? Screening of two films from Japan and Italy, respectively, about people with visual impairments experiencing art. ‘Blind Mr. Shiratori Goes to See Art’ Produced in 2022 / 107 min / Japan Distributor: Alps Pictures Director: Daisuke Miyoshi, Yuo Kawauchi & Le mani toccano il Mondo2022 Production/60 min/Japan Distribution: Polepole Times Director: Okano Koko

Dates: 10/14 (Sat), 15 (Sun)

Blind Mr. Shiratori Goes to See Art

Kenji Shiratori, a blind man, visited an art museum for the first time on a date with his girlfriend. That day, as he listened to the words spoken in front of the work, he began to think, Maybe it's possible to see art even if you're completely blind.'' Mr. Shiratori began knocking on the doors of art museums all over the place, and before he knew it, he had developed his own unique way of appreciating art,appreciating art through free conversation.” It was an unexpectedly surprising, confusing, and joyful experience even for a sighted person.

This work is a documentary that looks back on the 20 years of such a “blind art viewer” and follows his friends, people who work at the museum, and people who newly met Mr. Shiratori, and the rich conversations they have. be.


Le mani toccano il Mondo

Visually impaired Aldo Grassini and his wife Daniela Bottegoni live in Ancona, Marche, Italy. A lover of art, he has traveled to over 80 countries and encountered the world by touching the things that each culture has created, nature, and living creatures. However, no matter which country I visited, it was difficult to view works of art in museums. This is because in places called museums, where works of art are collected, preserved, and exhibited for posterity, activities that place emphasis on viewing works through glass cases or fences are carried out in a visually dominant'' manner. So, the couple took it upon themselves to create theOmero Tactile Museum” in order to create a museum where both people who can see and can’t see can touch and appreciate works of art. Opened in 1993 with support from the Marche region, the museum became a national museum in 1999 with the approval of the Italian Parliament, and is open to all visitors, from children to adults, visually impaired and non-visually impaired. It became an open museum. The people who work there, the people who visit, and the people who interact with them quietly tell us, “What is an art museum?”

The director, who has been involved in museum management in Japan for many years, was moved by the existence and activities of the Omero Tactile Museum, and decided to pick up a camera with the desire to convey this fragment of the world to as many people as possible. With the theme of “Touching the World with Your Hands,” I traveled to Italy during the coronavirus pandemic, which made it difficult to touch, and what I was able to see.


① Blind Mr. Shiratori Goes to See Art

 Reservation ticket 1,400 yen / Same-day ticket 1,600 yen

②Le mani toccano il Mondo (Touch the world with your hands)

 Reservation ticket 1,000 yen / Same-day ticket 1,200 yen

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