Walking, Knowing and Interacting

10/22 (Sun)

@ Tongari Farm

Shimomaro Tanabe city

Capacity10 - 15 persons

Participation feeFree


Reservations are required.

Theme: future vision for the Commons Farm and creating an image of physical sensory enrichment and the farm.

To get closer to the concept of the farm through direct communication with the future participants of the commons farm and the foster parents of the saplings, as well as by sharing invisible sensations with the participants. While actually visiting the farm, participants will deepen their knowledge of mandarin oranges, their cultivation, knowledge of mandarin oranges, etc. The tour focuses on the physical senses, especially the smell and touch of the oranges and flowers.

Go to the mandarin orchard.
Visit the mandarin oranges and listen to the real stories of the mandarin farmers.
While actually touching the oranges and the soil, we eat the oranges we have harvested and discuss the future of the commons farm over a glass of orange juice prepared for each of us.

Date:10/22 (Sun) 14:00~15:00
Participation fee: Free

Guide/Artist: Satoshi Hirose

Farmer:Tongari Farm (@tongari_nouen)

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