[Kinan Art Residence vol.1 Photo Archives taken by Tuan Mami]

For this first Kinan Art Residency, we invited Vietnamese artist Tuan Mami to research the relationship between “immigrants” and “citrus fruits” from the perspective of contemporary art in the Kinan region. These photos are just 10 of those he took with an Instax-like Polaroid while he was in Kinan. 

This is the photo I took with Cheki at that time.

Kinan Art Residence invites artists from Japan and overseas to stay in the Kinan area, where they conduct research on the various cultures and histories of the area, and has them create works that tend to be inspired by that research. We plan to continue recruiting one to two artists each year.

taken by Tuan Mami

<Residence Artist> 
Tuan Mami (Vietnam) Tuan Mami is an interdisciplinary and experimental artist working in the fields of site-specific installation, video, performance and conceptual art, constantly exploring new media, means and methods, evolving through introspective questioning and social research. His focus is on questions about life, the social interaction between people and between people and the environment, and he tries to reconstruct situations where people and objects from a particular reality enter and engage together in social processes.

Kinan Art residence vol.1