Our homepage has been revamped

    The homepage of Kinan Art Week has been changed little by little, but a major revamped has been completed successfully.

    On the “Outline 2021”, we will keep you updated with specific information for the event.

    On the newly added “Support” page, we have prepared a mechanism that allows individuals and corporations to support in various ways.
    We look forward to your support on this occasion.

    In addition, we will organize various articles that have been uploaded from time to time and deliver them in three categories in the future.

    > Project1 [ Exhibition ] Category

    As “KINAN ART WEEK Curation Story” , we will tell you about the history of the exhibition place, the thoughts of the people who manage it, interviews with artists, the background of curation, etc. so that you can appreciate the exhibition of Kinan Art Week 2021 more deeply and interestingly.

    > Project2 [ Seclusion with Kinan ] Category

    Announcement and archive of the online talk session “Kinan Chemistry Session”, which will be held as a cage for rediscovering new “knowledge” by reviewing the history, culture and customs of Kinan from a deep and diverse perspective. A category centered on.
    As an introduction to the session, we will also post a contribution that will make you feel more specific about the topic of the day.

    > Project3 [ Dialogue with Kinan ] Category

    In the Kinan region, there are world-famous heritage sites such as the World Heritage Kumano Kodo and the World Agricultural Heritage Minabe and Tanabe Plum System.
    Under the theme of ” Disseminating the value of Kinan to the world.- Kinan people and heritage of future – ” , we are engaged in dialogue with various Kinan people who are engaged in activities to connect them to the future.

    Please enjoy it not only as information about the Kinan Art Week, but also as a new medium that conveys the charm of Kinan widely and deeply.