Put up the Door

Sunday, May 26th

Multiple locations in Shirahama Town

Participation feeFree


Reservations are required to apply

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Put up the Door

A workshop to think beyond the familiar.

<Monument of Doubt> a work by Myanmar artist Maung Day, on display in the current exhibition “Here they are,memories we don’t know”

It is a very interesting work that makes us think about the other side of the story that the place has / evokes through the figure of a person with a door walking around various (sometimes politically symbolic) places in the city of Ho Chi Minh City.

Even here in Shirahama, a place overflowing with iconic tourist attractions, isn’t it possible to cast “doubt” on the spectacle, as Maung Day does?

On the day of the event, we will gather at Nongkron in front of Shirahama Station, and while discussing the “spots where we would like to put up the door” that we were told about beforehand and other spots that come to mind at that time, we will go around, put up the door, and view and take pictures of the scenery.

We invite you to take a fresh look at the scenery you have become accustomed to seeing from your own perspective, and together, let your thoughts wander to the other side of the landscape and the stories that may not have been preserved there.

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Date : Sunday, May 26th
Time : 10:00AM – 12:00AM
Fee : Free

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