“Kinan Art Week Special Article” was published in the October issue of the Bijyutsuya Hyakube.

    In order to convey the fun of art to the general public, a special article on Kinan Art Week was published in the October issue of “Bijyutsuya Hyakube”, which was first published in 2007.

    It is a wonderful article that summarizes the concept, background, and goals of Kinan Art Week in a large volume of 4 pages.

    You can try it out on the official website of “Bijyutsuya Hyakube”, so please take a look.
    > Article trial reading


    In addition, “Bijutsuya Hyakubei”, which has a 14-year history as a print media, will end its print version with this issue and will be renewed as “Bijutsuya Hyakubei Online” from next year.
    We are very happy to be featured in this memorable magazine.