[Archived Video] Special Dialogue: “The Dream Minakata Kumagusu Saw: A Tour of Kozanji Temple and Art

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    – Let’s ask Dr. Taisuke Karasawa, a philosopher and Minakata Kumagusu researcher –

    Minakata Kumagusu’s resting place, Kozanji Temple.
    Kozanji Temple was founded by Kobo-Daishi Kukai, and is lined with various halls, including a multi-storied pagoda built in the Edo period. In the cemetery overlooking the sea, Minakata Kumagusu, known as a giant of knowledge, is laid to rest. In addition, many archaeological materials such as “Kozanji-style earthenware” with oshigata-mon and yoriito-mon patterns have been excavated from shell mounds in the precincts.

    At Kozanji Temple, which has been protecting Tanabe, coordinated by Daisuke Miyatsu, a talk was given by Taisuke Karasawa, a philosopher and cultural anthropologist, and Kohei Maeda, a contemporary artist whose works are related to Minakata Kumagusu and represent the ancient Jomon layers of Kozanji Temple.

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