Kinan Art Radio #8 has been delivered

A [guest talk] corner where you can listen to the wonderful and interesting people you meet through the activities of Kinan Art Week.


For this third installment, we interviewed Kouhei Maeda, a contemporary artist from Tanabe City in the Kinan region.

We asked him about his canoeing experience, which is the starting point of his activities, various episodes about the “water” that repeatedly appears from there, and how he perceives the world through his own body.

・Encounter with Kinan Art Week and Exhibition in 2021
・I feel it through my body
・The origin is a canoe?
・A work is born from ecstasy and excitement
・Looking at the local area through the eyes of an artist
・Kyoto Takasegawa project
・ Maeda’s works that can be seen in Kinan
・Do you like pranks?
・This year’s river is the Sumida River

Please enjoy yourself.

【Introduction of topics that came up during the conversation】
■Kohei Maeda Official Website

■Breathing(2021)Exhibition view

■Over to you(2021) Exhibition view

■Maeda’s first solo exhibition “Itom”

■Interview about “Takasegawa Monitoring Department” (5TO9)

■New work “Breathing” on display at Sandanbeki

■”TOKAS” to be exhibited next year

Manabu Shimoda (Kinan Art Week)
Kohei Maeda (Artist)
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▼Opening theme
AWAYA (Sound Art Unit)

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