“Sensing Mandarin Oranges – an Entangled World” with the Theme of the Senses will be Held in the Kinan Area from October 14th to October 22nd!

The 2023 Kinan Art Week “Sensing Mandarin Oranges – an Entangled World” will feature a variety of activities focusing on the diverse senses of human beings, especially those other than sight. Last year, similarly, “Orange Collective” has been preparing for the event while conceiving the plan. It is said that 90% of the information humans obtain relies on visual information, and art has been mainly visual expression. This year’s exhibition will not be an “exhibition” of artworks, but rather a workshop that appeals to the senses of smell, taste, and touch, as well as to the sense of time. By rediscovering each of these senses, we hope to broaden your perception of the world you normally see. The following is an outline of the project and schedule


Date: October 14th (Saturday) – October 22nd (Sunday), 2023
Time: Depends on each workshop
Venue: Kinan area, Wakayama Prefecture *Multiple locations
Participation fee: Depends on each workshop
Organizer: Kinan Art Week Executive Committee
Curation:Production Zomia
Concept: Mikan Collective

Satoshi Hirose Worksop『Try one thing for yourself』+『Walking, Knowing and Interacting』

We always understand the world through words and eyes. So how would that change if we used our senses of smell and touch more? Share your feelings with the people around you to see how things you normally see will change.

『Try one thing for yourself』Workshop
Visual and tactile themes (less than 2 hours)
By reliving the production process of the work “Try It Once” (1992) and experiencing it while fully mobilizing physical senses other than vision, you will be able to learn about the ambiguity of perception, the richness of sensations, and the sense that does not rely solely on sight. We will consider how it should be.

Date and time: October 22nd (Sunday) 9:00-12:00
Location: Akitsuno Garten
Capacity: 10 people
Participation fee: 1,000 yen

Lecturer/Artist: Satoshi Hirose
Born in Tokyo in 1963. He is based in Milan. He creates expressions that renew our perception of the world based on everyday experiences and objects. He is an artist exhibiting at Kinan Art Week 2022.

『Walking, Knowing and Interacting』Workshop
Visual and olfactory themes
Because smell has the characteristic of being diffused, the sense of smell is particularly subjective compared to other sense organs, and there are large gender and individual differences. Therefore, we will actually block out the visual sense and experience the experience using only the sense of smell. This is a workshop where you can hone your senses with the theme of the scent of mandarin oranges, and experience the characteristics of the sense of smell that mixes the self and the other.

Theme: Future vision for Commons Farm, richness of physical senses, and image creation of the farm
Purpose: While communicating directly with those who will be participating in the Commons Farm in the future and foster parents of seedlings, we will move closer to the farm concept by sharing invisible feelings with the participants. While actually visiting the farm, you will deepen your knowledge about mandarin orange cultivation and knowledge about mandarin oranges. We will conduct a tour that emphasizes physical sensations, especially smelling and touching the scent of mandarin oranges and flowers. Workshop work procedure Head to the tangerine farm. Visit a mandarin orange field and listen to real stories from mandarin orange farmers. While touching the mandarin oranges and the soil, they will eat the mandarin oranges they have harvested, drink the mandarin orange juice provided, and discuss the future of Commons Farm.

Date and time: October 22nd (Sunday) afternoon (less than 1 hour)
Artist: Tomoo Hirose
Cooperation: Tongari Farm (@tongari_nouen)

『Future School Lunch』Workshop

“You are a person from the future who came 30 years from now! ? We will hold a one-day workshop on food, where you will imagine the food you want to leave behind for the future, while also thinking about the environment, customs, and local area surrounding that food.

This time, we will welcome Kazuhiko Ota, who studies food ethics, which examines good food.''He will come up with a menu forfuture school lunches” and actually prepare the menu.

What does it mean to “eat” ethically?
Through the School Lunch of the Future'' menu, we would like to think aboutmore sustainable, healthier, and socially just food choices” with everyone.

Date and time: 10/21 (Sat) 9:30-17:00
Location: Akitsuno Garten (4558-8 Kamiakitsu, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-0001)
Participation fee: 1,500 yen *Inclusing lunch box fee

Lecturer: Kazuhiko Ota (Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Nanzan University). Since 2020, we have been holding Biblio Battles as part of events and seminars. Every time, I feel the catchphrase, “Get to know people through books, and get to know books through people.” I look forward to reading your recommended books!

“Rewriting Food” Bibliobattle

Bibliobattle is a “book introduction” communication game that anyone can participate in!

With the catchphrase “Learn about books through people. Know people through books,” it has spread throughout the country, and is widely used at elementary, junior high and high schools, universities, general company training and study sessions, libraries, bookstores, clubs, cafes, family gatherings, etc. This is a game that is being used!

This time, in preparation for the “Future School Lunch” workshop to be held on October 21st (Saturday), we will listen to the presenters’ recommended books on the theme of “rewriting food,” and ask everyone to choose the books they would most like to read. Decide on the book that became.

Date and time: 10/4 (Wed) 19:00 – 21:00
Location: Online
Participation fee: Free
Facilitator: Kazuhiko Ota Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Nanzan University Specialty: Environmental ethics, food and agricultural ethics

Film Screening: “Go See Art with Blind Shiratori” & “Le mani toccano il Mondo”

How do blind people appreciate art? A screening of two films from Japan and Italy, each depicting visually impaired people interacting with art.

“Go See Art with Blind Shiratori”
Produced in 2022 / 107 minutes / Japan
Distribution: Alps Pictures
Director: Daisuke Miyoshi, Ario Kawauchi

“Le mani toccano il Mondo (Touch the world with your hands)”
Produced in 2022 / 60 minutes / Japan
Distribution: Pole Pole Times Co., Ltd.
Director: Akiko Okano

Date and time: October 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun)
Location: Nongklong (1385-1 Katata, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2201)
Movie viewing fee & screening time:

“Go See Art with Blind Shiratori”
1,400 yen/time (reservation) 1,600 yen/time (on the day)
① Screening 10:00-11:47
②Screening 13:30-15:17
③Screening 18:00-19:47

“Le mani toccano il Mondo (Touch the world with your hands)”
1,000/time (reservation) / 1,200/time (on the day)
① Screening 12:00-13:00
② Screening 15:25-16:25
③Screening 19:55-20:55 (14th only)

『Le mani toccano il Mondo』Screening + Workshop + Talk session

About the movie
Visually impaired Aldo Grassini and his wife Daniela Bottegoni live in Ancona, Marche, Italy. A lover of art, he has traveled to over 80 countries and encountered the world by touching the things that each culture has created, nature, and living creatures. However, no matter which country I visited, it was difficult to view works of art in museums. This is because in places called museums, where works of art are collected, preserved, and displayed for posterity, activities that emphasize viewing works through glass cases or fences are carried out in a visually dominant'' manner. So, the couple took it upon themselves to create the Omero Tactile Art Museum in order to create an art museum where both people who can see and cannot see can touch and appreciate works of art. Opened in 1993 with support from the Marche region, the museum became a national museum in 1999 with the approval of the Italian Parliament, and is open to all visitors, from children to adults, visually impaired and non-visually impaired. It became an open museum. The people who work there, the people who visit, and the people who interact with them quietly tell us,What is an art museum?”

The director, who has been involved in museum management in Japan for many years, was moved by the existence and activities of the Omero Tactile Museum, and decided to pick up a camera with the desire to convey a fragment of this world to as many people as possible. With the theme of “Touching the World with Your Hands,” I traveled to Italy during the coronavirus pandemic, which made it difficult to touch, and what I was able to see.


“Le mani toccano il Mondo (Touch the world with your hands)”
Produced in 2022 / 60 minutes / Japan
Distribution: Pole Pole Times Co., Ltd.
Director: Akiko Okano

Date and time: 10/19 (Thursday) 18:30-21:00
Location: tanabe en+ (41-1 Minato, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-0031)
Entry fee:
 Movie viewing only 1,000 yen/time
 Workshop + talk 2,000 yen
 Movie viewing + workshop + talk 3,000 yen

”Close your eyes and try touching it with your hands.” Lecturer: Akiko Okano A workshop led by director Ms. Okano. Participants, from children to adults, are invited to interact with the sculpture through their sense of touch and freely express the world they see.

<Talk Session>
“Close your eyes and touch the world” Ms. Akiko Okano x Mr. Tomoo Hirose Mr. Hirose, a contemporary artist who has been in touch with the director for some time, has had a long-standing relationship with the director about appreciating art and seeing the world through various senses other than the visual sense. We will meet and discuss.

Akiko Okano (Left)
Born in 1973. She completed her master’s degree at Bank Street College of Education’s Graduate School of Museum Education and her master’s degree at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Fine Arts and Art Education. She has created projects at the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, including A Sense of Wonder: Another Garden'' andA World Where Everyone Can See and Touch Stones” (recipient of the Japan Exhibition Society Award). She researches the possibilities of art museum education through senses that go beyond visual sense. As part of this, she produced the documentary film “Touch the World”.

Satoshi Hirose (Right)
Born in Tokyo in 1963. He is based in Milan. He creates expressions that renew our perception of the world based on everyday experiences and objects. He is an artist exhibiting at Kinan Art Week 2022.

Kinan Art Residence

The first Kinan Art Residence will be held. This is a program that invites artists from Japan and abroad to stay in the Kinan region, conduct research on the region’s various cultures and history, and have them create works inspired by their research. We plan to recruit 1-2 artists every year. This time, we asked Tuan Mami to research the relationship between “immigrants” and “citrus fruits,” and we plan to continue doing research in the future.

Date: October 6th (Thursday) – October 16th (Monday)
Location: the CUE (16-6 Minato, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-0031)

<Artist>Tuan Mami (Nguyen Anh Tuan)
Mami is an interdisciplinary-experimental artist, working with site-specific installation, video, performance and conceptual art, who constantly explores new mediums, means and methods of evolving with reflective questioning, and social research.
In recent years, he has begun to explore and observe the concept of how we are *human* on the move. Starting from 2014, Mami has been researching about moving communities in Vietnam and Vietnamese diasporas around the world. He has tried to observe what has happened in these communities, what has remained, appearing and disappearing culturally, mentally, politically in the attempt to adapt and survive in their new contexts.

His focus deals with questions about life, social interactions between people, and people with their environment, to re-construct situations into ones that engage people or objects from particular reality to enter and involve together in a social process.

Spice & Herb, Chai Workshop

By directly touching, trying, and observing spices from India, herbs from Vietnam, and citrus fruits from Wakayama, you will sharpen your senses of touch, smell, and taste. At this time, we will create a moment to connect with other cultures through stories about Indian tea culture and video works about Vietnamese food habits combined with herbs. In addition, by deciding on a theme in advance for each group to create their own original chai, we aim to help students realize that each individual has a different sense of taste, and to encourage free thinking and expression.

Date and time: 10/15 (Sun) 13:00-15:00
Location: the CUE (16-6 Minato, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-0031)
Participation fee: 1,500 yen

Instructor:Mari Rawanchaikul
Born in Fukuoka City in 2001. She grew up with an Indian-Thai father who is a contemporary artist and a Japanese mother who is a museum curator, and was exposed to Asian culture and world art from an early age. Since 2019, while researching modern Indian art at Osaka University, he has become interested in the relationship between art and community in modern society. Starting in July of this year, we will be working on an art-business project to create a video work that includes chai, which is a combination of Indian spices and ingredients from various parts of Japan, as well as the manufacturing process, the history of the land, and interviews with the producers. It’s starting. There are two life missions: “Connect & Save the World by ART” and “Be the ARTISTIC Bridge between Japan & India.”

【Colateral Event】Citrus Sommelier License Course in Wakayama

The privately-licensed citrus sommelier course, which started in Ehime in autumn 2020, will be held this autumn in Wakayama Prefecture, a traditional citrus growing region. The Citrus Sommelier Licence System started with a standing talk by a citrus farmer in Uwajima City, who thought it would be interesting to have a citrus sommelier like wine and vegetables. The course is designed to train professionals who can enjoy citrus fruits to the fullest and convey their appeal (three consecutive days, including a pass/fail test). 

Date and time: 10/13 (Fri) – 10/15 (Sun)
Location: Akitsuno Garten
Participation fee: 25,000
Organized by Mikan Society (

2023 Kinan Art Week 2023 “Sensing Mandarin Oranges”