Colorful Orange 2024 – Citrus Tasting Event to Enjoy a Diverse Range of Wakayama Citrus

Sat. March 9th 18:00 -

ipe wakayama

532 Inaricho, Tanabe City, Wakayama 646-0051


Participation fee5,500 yen


Have you ever fully explore varied citrus of Wakayama at this time of year?  

Kinan Art Week, a contemporary art group and Mikan Society, a group of citrus lovers will be hosting a citrus tasting event at Ipe Wakayama in Tanabe on Sat. Feb. 10th. 

There will be over 30 different kinds of citrus which you can enjoy only this time of year while learning about them from Takuo Hara, the expert of citrus as well as citrus farmer himself. We will also have Satoshi Hirose, an artist living in Italy, as guests, and they will introduce each variety, demonstrate how to eat them, and taste samples while interacting with the participants.

Any level of passion towards citrus will be welcome! Join us to have fun with us! 

Date: March 9th (Sat) 18:00-20:00
Location: ipe wakayama (532 Inaricho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-0051)
Capacity: 30 people
Participation fee: 5,500 yen (includes 1 galette + 1 sweet)
*Please pay in cash on site.

【Citrus Cultivars】
Didai、Lemmon、Jambo Lemon、Ponkan、Benibae、sweetie、Chandra Pomelo, Harumi, Amakusa, Navel, Shiranui, Sanpokan, Tsu no Hikaru, Jabara, Shunpo, Iyokan, Kiyomi, Tarocco, Butsutekan, Cala Mandarin, Seminole, Shunkokan, Kotachi, Valencia Orange.
*The types of citrus fruits available are subject to change depending on weather and harvest conditions.


Citrus Farmer:Takuo Hara

Takuo Hara is the seventh generation owner of a farm that has been in existence since the late Edo period. After graduating from university, he joined his family’s farm, Kishu Hara Farm, where he grows citrus and plums with his family and several staff members. He is especially fascinated by the diversity and deep history of citrus, and grows about 60 varieties of citrus. We actively cultivate not only the newest varieties, but also rare varieties called “original varieties” and old varieties rooted in the region. We deliver these citrus varieties to citrus fans and restaurants throughout Japan to expand the “Happiness with Citrus”. Together with local friends, we are also involved in the establishment and operation of direct sales of agricultural products and farmer-owned restaurants. https://www.hara-farm.jp/

Artist:Satoshi Hirose

Born in 1963, Tokyo. Currently lives and works in Milan. Based in Italy, he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Japan, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Satoshi Hirose is a contemporary artist who creates poetic works using the mediums of installation, environmental intervention, performance, sculpture, photography, drawing and, in a larger sense, projects. The creative principle of Hirose’s work is based on a de-disciplinary imagination, which links disparate cultures and objects across boundaries, consistently attempting to transform invisible concepts into tangible ones. She has been involved in a long-term project with mothers and children from a mother and child care home for 19 years, as well as an art project in which she works with local people to recycle materials used in her exhibitions.


ipe wakayama
532 Inaricho, Tanabe City, Wakayama 646-0051

This is a complex that houses Osaka’s popular finger sweets specialty store KAGUNOMI-DOU’s new label Wayori'' andCreperie Tomo”, a restaurant that serves galettes, a local dish from Brittany in France made from buckwheat flour.

Photos from Last Year’s Event