Archived Video of Kinan Chemistry Session vol.3 “Around the Road -Social and Cultural Changes Created by Movement –”

The archived video of the online talk session “Kinan Chemistry Session vol.2” held on August 28  has been uploaded.

This time, which is the third time, we delivered a talk session on the theme of “Road” itself, including Kumano Kodo, online (free of charge) under the title of “Around the Road -Social and Cultural Changes Created by Movement”.

The guest is Yoshitaka Mouri, a sociologist who has a deep knowledge of contemporary art and has written books such as “Street Thought”.
Megumi Ueno, a pictorial map writer who is also a guide for Kumano Kodo while traversing roads around the world.
Konomi Sakamoto, who is transmitting the charm of Kumano Kodo while manually traversing various routes.These three people.


< Outline of the Kinan Chemistry Session vol.3 >

Title: Around the Road -Social and Cultural Changes Created by Movement –
Date and time: Saturday 28 August 2021, 19:00 – 20:30
Venue: Online (ZOOM webinar planned)
Participation: free of charge
Speaker: Yoshitaka Mouri (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts, sociologist)
Megumi Ueno (Pictorial map writer)
Konomi Sakamoto (“Kumano Log” Manager)
Facilitator: Daisuke Miyatsu (Artistic Director, Kinan Art Week)
Moderator: Ryota Morishige (Regional Revitalization Producer)