“Press briefing” on Kinan Art Week 2021

Exhibition of works by international contemporary artists

The Kinan Art Week Executive Committee is pleased to announce Kinan Art Week 2021, an international art festival taking place in the Kinan region of Wakayama Prefecture from Thursday 18 November to Sunday 28 November 2021.

In preparation for this event, we have been curating a series of exhibitions in the Kinan region featuring the work of world-renowned contemporary artists, including Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand), winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival; Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore), who will have a major solo exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art this autumn; and Ade Dharmawan, the artistic director of Documenta 15 in 2022. Ade Darmawan (Indonesia), who will be the artistic director of Documenta 15 in 2022. Ade Darmawan, the artistic director of Documenta 15 and a representative of Ruangrupa, Toshi Ichiyanagi, one of Japan’s leading contemporary musicians

 and up-and-coming young artists, as well as artists with close ties to Wakayama.

We would like to invite you to a briefing session for the press, focusing on the artists who will be exhibiting.

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, this press briefing will be held simultaneously offline (at the venue) and online (via live streaming), with limited participation. For both offline and online sessions, you need to apply for the coverage in advance, so please follow the instructions below. Please follow the instructions below.

The Imperial Lounge of the Kawakyu Museum (Hotel Kawakyu), which is also the venue of the exhibition, will be used as the venue for the press conference. “The exhibition will be held in the Imperial Lounge of the Kawakyu Museum (Hotel Kawakyu), which is also the venue of the exhibition, with a view of the sea in the Kinan region.

As the number of offline seats is limited, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Date and time:
Friday, 8 October 2021, 11-12 am

Kawakyu Museum / Imperial Lounge in Hotel Kawakyu *Simultaneous online distribution
3745 Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2211, Japan
The number of offline participants is limited to the first 10 people to arrive at the venue.

Kinan Art Week General Producer: Yuto Yabumoto
Kinan Art Week Artistic Director: Daisuke Miyatsu

1) Briefing on the event
2) Announcement of exhibiting artists
3) Introduction of crowdfunding
4) Introduction of related projects
5) Question and answer session

Application for press conference

If you would like to attend the press briefing, please apply by one of the following methods by 12:00 AM on Thursday, October 7th.

1. Apply from the form

2. Fill in the following format items and email to

[ Kinan Art Week 2021 Online Press Conference ]

Please choose how you would like to participate.
Off-line participation (visit the Kawakyu Museum). We will send you the venue information later.
On-line participation. We will receive a Zoom invitation URL later.

Your affiliation and media name.
Contact us.

The Speakers

Kinan Art Week Executive Committee Chairman / General Producer
Yuto Yabumoto

Born in Shirahama City, Wakayama Prefecture in 1963
Co-founder of One Asia Lawyers, President of AURA Contemporary Art Foundation, President of Artport Co.
Yabumoto’s ancestors are buried in Nakahechi, Kumano Kodo, and his mother was the first female orca trainer at Adventure World. He founded JBL Mekong Group, the predecessor of One Asia Lawyers, in 2011, and he has lived and worked in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand for more than a decade, providing grants and exhibitions to artists, curators and art collectives across the region. His current research focuses on anthropology and art, with an interest in the myths, legends, fables and folklore of the Asia Pacific region. His research focuses on the Kumano region, where her ancestors lie, and on issues such as Zomia, highland civilisation and animism.
His major exhibitions include “Zomi: Trans-immigrants on the Water -Contemporary Art from the Mekong Region-” (Osaka), “Silence is Golden” (Myanmar) and “Abstraction of Breathing” (Myanmar).

Kinan Art Week Artistic Director
Daisuke Miyatsu

Born in Tokyo in 1963. Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, the Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration, and he also completed studies at the graduate school of Art and Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design, graduating with a master’s degree. Daisuke Miyatsu is currently engaged in important posts such as the President of Yokohama University of Art and Design and the Director of Mori Arts Museum. He researches the relationship between art, the economy, and society and is also known as a world-renowned collector of contemporary art.
While working for a private company, he collected more than 400 pieces of artwork, and his home, which he built in collaboration with artists, is world-renowned. He has a deep knowledge of the restoration and preservation of artwork.
Mr. Miyatsu has served as a member of the “Council for the Study of Overseas Dissemination of Contemporary Art” – part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the “Haneda Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Promotion Task Force”. He also acted as a member of the jury for the “Asian Art Award 2017”, and the “Art Future Prize 2019”. He is active in the media, appearing on TV’s “Close-Up Gendai+” and “NHK News- Good Morning Japan” and has not only given numerous lectures in Japan, but also in other Asian countries. His major books include “How Covid -19 Changes Art” and “The Age of Art × Technology”.


An art festival set in the Kinan region of Wakayama Prefecture, a place of nature, faith, history and culture. “Kinan Art Week 2021”

Project overview
An international art festival set in the Kinan region/Muro-gun of Wakayama Prefecture, from Thursday 18 November to Sunday 28 November 2021, showcasing the work of artists associated with the Kinan region and international artists in various locations with unique histories and cultures. In addition, there will be a number of other related projects, including conversations with people from the fascinating region and symposiums with experts.

Dates: Thursday 18 November – Sunday 28 November 2021, 11 days
Hours: according to each exhibition venue
Venue: Tanabe City and Shirahama Town, Kinan area, Wakayama Prefecture (multiple locations)
Admission: Free of charge *Admission fees may be required for certain venues.
Organised by Kinan Art Week Executive Committee
      (General Producer: Yabumoto Yuto, Artistic Director: Miyatsu Daisuke)
Co-organised by Nanki Shirahama Airport Co.
Supported by: Wakayama Prefecture, Tanabe City, Shirahama Town

Sponsored by: Adventure World, Ultimate Life, Kiyo Bank Shirahama Branch, Kiyo Sekiyu, Koza MORI, Godaian, Sato Seiku Law Office, Takagaki Komuten, Takechiyo, Nakato Sangyo, Hamada Corporation, Horikawaya Nomura, Matsusaka Farm, Manabe Oil Sales, Yamacho Shoten, Morikawa Corporation, Yabumoto Setsubi

In cooperation with: Adventure World, Kawakyu Museum, Kozanji Temple, Tanabe Ekimae Shopping Street Promotion Association, Minakata Kumagusu Honour Society, AURA Contemporary Art Foundation, Artport Inc, Paradox Corporation, TETAU Business Association, NPO ZESDA, coamu creative

Media Partners: Kinan Good, KINACO, Art Media Hyakubei, Wakayama Ekimae Vision

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