Speaking at the public symposium of Osaka City University (Activity Report Vol.3)

    On Saturday, June 5th, Mr. Yabumoto, Mr. Shimoda and Ms. Sugi spoke at the “Urban Cultural Policy” extension lecture at the Graduate School of Urban Management, Osaka City University in Japan.

    The theme of the lecture was “Kinan Art Week 2021-Regional Revitalization Centered on Airports and Contemporary Art”, and many people are interested in urban policy and cultural policy participated.

    * You can see the lecture in the video archive from the above.

    This time, a cultural policy researcher who has written many books on the region and art, such as “Art Festival and Community Development-From Acceptance of “Matsuri” to Natural Resources Utilization through Voluntary and Collaboration” (Suiyousha,2019), Takayuki Yoshida, Associate Professor.

    Thank you very much for your valuable opportunity.


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