Looking for Citrus Farmland in the Kinan Area!

Kinan Art Week is looking for citrus farmland in the Kinan area, Japan.

The farmland will be used as a base for Satoshi Hirose’s art project, “Commons Farm,” where crops, mainly citrus fruits, will be cultivated. In reconsidering the harvested oranges and their cultivation process from an artistic perspective, we aim to create a “park-like farm” where people can experience creative value through various experiences and interactions.

If you own uncultivated farmland and would like to lend it to us, please contact us!


・Tanabe, Kamitonda, Shirahama areas in the Kinan regiion
・At least 0.5 hectare or more
・Farmland with a great view from the hill
・Farmland in to which a Japanese kei-car (light vehicles) can enter and exit
・Abandoned farmland or idle farmland
・A citrus field if possible

Desirable Conditions

・Comes with a house or storage (with electricity and water)
・If possible, we can park 2-3 cars.
・Leased land (possibly to purchase in the future)


Kinan Art Week info@kinan-art.jp / 080-2506-4164

About the Artist

Satoshi Hirose
Born in 1963, Tokyo. Currently lives and works in Milan. Based in Italy, he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Japan, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Satoshi Hirose is a contemporary artist who creates poetic works using the mediums of installation, environmental intervention, performance, sculpture, photography, drawing and, in a larger sense, projects. The creative principle of Hirose’s work is based on a de-disciplinary imagination, which links disparate cultures and objects across boundaries, consistently attempting to transform invisible concepts into tangible ones. He has been involved in a long-term project with mothers and children from a mother and child care home for 19 years, as well as an art project in which he works with local people to recycle materials used in his exhibitions.

Hirose’s Activities in the Past